HEADKON——Help Patients to Get Suitable Medical Resources

Headkon management consulting Co., Ltd (headkon) was founded in September 2015. The location of Headkon is Hui Long Sen High-tech Business Park, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, China.

Headkon help patients to get access to the legal, reliable, affordable hospital and medicine to cure their disease, such as Hepatitis C, Major disease. What’s more, Headkon help patients to do IVF or surrogacy program to get their own child. The selected hospitals are from all over the world, including USA, UK, GERMANY, RUSSIA, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA, THAILAND, INDIA, CAMBODIA, BANGLADESH and CHINA.

Headkon’s aim is to help patients to get the suitable medical resources. Till now, we helped hundreds of patients to treat disease overseas. Headkon will keep working harder and harder to help more and more patients cure their disease.

Contact us

Tel:400-001-9763 or +86 010-67385800

Address:Floor 8, Block D, No.33 building, Hui Long Sen High-tech Business Incubator, National Economic Technical Development Zone,Beijing, China 102600


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